Welcome to our website and to our company.  At OMNISAT we have brought together decades of personal experience in tele-communications, both satellite and terrestrially based, with an innovative spirit to create powerful and cost effective ways to move information for our customers.


Omnisat, LLC is an innovative global satellite communications solutions provider with particular expertise in mobile applications. Our team has pioneered the implementation of data services for large addressable markets using some of the most advanced mobile satellite systems.The company also provides services to strategic partners who desire to implement or improve their capabilities and offerings.




Omnisat offers seamless solutions to corporate, non-profit, and government enterprises, through integrated technologies and flexible service options. In addition, Omnisat enhances its customer service options by employing strategic relationships with leading technology companies exhibiting synergistic business models. This allows the company to leverage our capabilities while enhancing our partnersí abilities to exploit opportunities within their respective lines of business. Ultimately, this results in exceptional new capabilities and added value for our customers.


We differentiate ourselves from other system integrators in that we have the capability of providing and operating complete turn-key, end-to-end solutions, including:

 Space segment

 Network analysis and optimization.

 Requirements analysis and definition.

 Technology review.

 Equipment specification, selection and sourcing.

 Terrestrial connectivity as required.

 User applications.




Omnisat has access to a global inventory of satellite capacity. We offer our clients and partners cost-effective space segment capacity for digitally based data, audio, or video communications. Where appropriate Omnisat leases this capacity, and this translates into exceptional flexibility in designing and implementing cost effective solutions for our customers. Omnisat is independent to choose the best-in-class services from major satellite operators to meet the diverse and particular needs of our customers and partners.


Data Center Facility

Omnisat maintains access to a modern data center hosted at a state-of-the-art telecom co-location facility.  The data center allows the company to ingest, process and optimize a variety of data structures for efficient transfer to satellite uplink gateways.  Reliability, physical security and flexible telecom connections are therefore assured.  The data center allows the operation of a proprietary software platform that optimally multiplexes a broad range of data types, manages user access and authentication, and ensures data integrity and security.

Other applications are being developed that establish ad-hoc collaborative networking utilizing hybrid satellite and ad-hoc terrestrial communications.  Such capabilities relieve dependence on ground based infrastructure which may be lacking or damaged.


For information on how Omnisat can help with your endeavor, please contact us at Info@omni-sat.com



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